It’s time to talk about Loupedeck once again. I’ve reviewed fairly a handful of Loupedeck merchandise right here in latest yrs. When my really like for the Loupedeck CT is rather great (heck, I did three content articles about the matter: first overview, Adobe Premiere Pro and Closing Slice Pro X) I wasn’t so thrilled with the more mature Loupedeck+.

I wrote a evaluation about how the attempted Adobe Premiere Professional integration with the Loupedeck+ really did not work for the reason that there are way too quite a few controls adapted to a management surface dedicated to the original intention of Lightroom photograph perform. Hoping to adapt this to movie editing (similar with Last Cut Professional X) felt like shoehorning in one thing that shouldn’t be.

Element of that shoehorning was seeking down and viewing controls labeled for image enhancing items that had been distinct in video clip editing. I suppose you could scrape off the present labels and stick on your individual but that appears to be like too significantly.

Custom video editing overlays for the Loupedeck+ control surface 2
You can give new existence to your Loupedeck+ with these online video-primarily based overlays.

Enter the Application Overlays for Loupedeck+ from KB Addresses. The plastic $45 addresses lay instantly on the Loupedeck+ and resolve a person of the most important complaints I experienced about the Loupedeck+ for video editing: helping you try to remember what all the buttons and knobs do.

There are overlays for Adobe Premiere Pro, Right after Consequences and Photoshop.

Custom video editing overlays for the Loupedeck+ control surface 3
The KB Handles Loupedeck+ overlay for Adobe Premiere Professional.

They are a very simple plan and appear from the brain of Mike McCarthy. Mike reviewed the Loupedeck+ and had some of the exact same reservations that I did. But Mike went additional and did one thing about the issue of remembering what all the controls can do, he produced his possess tailor made overlays to label the keys. Rapidly forward to the current working day and that germ of an thought has grown into the complete-featured overlays you can acquire from KB Handles. Which is way extra than I did because I just complained about it!

The overlays are personalized slice and lay correct around the current Loupedeck+ controls. They fit nicely and the Loupedeck+ nevertheless will work good with a person of the overlays sitting on major. You could get a bit of double-sided tape or museum putty and possibly stick the overlay down a bit but it is not necessary.

If you acquire all a few (or just a lot more than one particular) you are most likely thinking if you can just depart them all stacked on the Loupedeck+ so they never get dropped or damaged on the shelf. You can but the overlay on leading may well slide close to just a bit more than if it was the only overlay on there.

Custom video editing overlays for the Loupedeck+ control surface 4
There’s the essential level of features in white. The Purpose (Fn) level in blue. Then you can transform on the yellow Custom made Manner and use the Fn button once again to access the red stage. Whew.

There is nonetheless a little bit of a studying curve for accomplishing video operate with the Loupedeck+, even with these overlays. That’s primarily since the Loupedeck program presents every single command various degrees of operation with each the yellow Personalized Mode button as well as the blue Perform (Fn) button. Add them the two collectively is there is yet another stage of red controls that is accessibility through getting on the yellow Custom made Method and keeping down the blue Fn button.

Custom video editing overlays for the Loupedeck+ control surface 5
These knobs can all serve numerous responsibilities. Getting all these labels will assist construct the muscle mass memory.

For case in point, put the Loupedeck+ into Customized Mode and the Whites knob performs as Nudge Clip with out any modifier. These crimson controls operate perform when you use the blue Fn when you are in Personalized Method. So you get a 5 body clip nudge when making use of the Fn critical in yellow Custom made Manner.

You’ll want to down load the preset profiles if you buy one particular of these, which are accessible on the KB Addresses webpage.

IMHO, these overlays make the Loupedeck+ substantially additional useable with Adobe Premiere Professional. I can picture that would be just as practical with each After Results and Photoshop.

One particular thing I noticed is that if you’re utilizing the Loupedeck+ for a whole lot of craft, offline editing you are going to be hitting the Custom made Manner and the Function (Fn) keys a great deal to get to valuable editorial factors like slip/slide and trimming features. The standard command labels mapped on to the Loupedeck+ by default are nonetheless the default for Lumetri color get the job done like Exposure, Contrast and many others.

Custom video editing overlays for the Loupedeck+ control surface 6
I definitely, actually want the motion parameter controls in Premiere. There they are in Soon after Outcomes!

I would appreciate to see an overlay with craft editing in head that places those people key offline enhancing equipment at the first, unmodified level of essential utilization. Suitable now the unmodified controls are for a good deal of the Lumetri shade controls. Possibly when Loupedeck eventually releases an update to command Movement parameters like scale, opacity and position in Premiere we can get one more overlay.

Over-all these KB Addresses Software Overlays for Loupedeck+ make the + a lot, considerably much more helpful for online video enhancing. If you have the Loupedeck+ and have put it apart when movie enhancing then seize an overlay as it’ll aid your Loupedeck+ find a 2nd existence.

Many thanks Mike for coming up with these matters and aiding maintain that investment alive for several.

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